Nutella French Toast

French toast it my top pick for breakfast (or any meal really) and nutella is up there too! These French toast will be good enough you won’t even need syrup!

-bread, thicker cut is better, day old or stale gives it a better texture (i didn’t have either of there so I used plain sandwich bread)
-2 eggs
-2 C milk
-1/4 C melted nutella (be careful! It will begin to burn if you microwave it for too long!)
-1 t vanilla
-1 t pumpkin pie spice


1.Beat eggs until completely combined. 2.If you can see and of the whites not incorporated they will cook on your toast!
3.Add in all other ingredients.
Heat pan, use butter/oil/spray to keep it from sticking.
4.Quickly dip one slice I’m the mixture, let the excess drain, if you let it soak too much your toast will be soggy!
5. Place in pan, let both sides fully cook.
6. Serve!


I always take the leftover egg mixture and add a little flour and baking powder to make a quick pancake!


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